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GCRW works closely with the State and National Federations to stay informed and work on critical issues of interest. GCRW also provides tools to involve members in the legislative process. The most important tools are the newsletters and emails that highlight issues and calls to action. (See Legislative News below.) We also collaborate with the Gaston County GOP to promote voter registration; encourage candidates to run for public office; and contact legislators about bills and issues to support the Republican platform. Democracy only works when people actively participate !

North Carolina State Capitol

Viddia Torbett, GCRW member and Legislative Assistant to John Torbett, meets with members- Stephanie Franks, Melinda Suddes, Pat Smith, Rosemary Ledford, and Mary Anne Huggins.

Thanks to the GCRW members who participated in Legislative Day in Raleigh on June 14.  Members were greeted by several legislators in the morning, including our own Representatives John Torbett and Donnie Loftis and Senator Ted Alexander, followed by lunch with Superintendent Catherine Truitt. The afternoon was spent visiting the Senate Chambers and legislative offices. It highlighted the need for Republican women to be more active in legislative issues.

Legislative News

A key initiative for the Federation of Republican Women is to advocate for public policy that promotes conservative ideals. GCRW has a rich history of tracking local, State and Federal legislation and providing input to our elected officials. Please consider contacting your US legislators, State legislators, and county or municipal officials to share your views. 

August 2022

1. The Biden administration is working hard tochange Title IX rules. These changes authorize or require institutions to violate fundamental student and faculty civil liberties. The public comment period is now open. Please consider commenting now to condemn the rule changes. 

2. In case you missed it, the Gaston County Board of Commissioners approved a two-cent decrease to the property tax rate at the May meeting. Officials say the approved budget lowers the property tax rate level to 81 cents per $100 of assessed value, the lowest rate Gaston County has seen since 1996. Learn more about the tax cut.

3. UPDATE: The NC House is unlikely to take up the bill on gender and sexuality instruction in schools this year. The North Carolina Senate passed HB 755, the Parents’ Bill of Rights.  House Speaker Tim Moore said there aren’t enough votes to override Governor Roy Cooper’s veto.  Here’s a great article on the subject: NC bill on gender, sexuality and schools may be off the table for now at General Assembly.

4. UPDATE: The NC Senate introduced a bill that would expand the State’s medicaid programto over a half-million low income North Carolinians. The House passed a version to create a joint House-Senate committee to review details of an expansion plan, which Gov. Roy Cooper’s administration would hash out with the federal government. Senator Berger said there are no current plans to come back into session this year to address medicaid expansion. Please read this article for more information.

5.  The U.S. Supreme Court announced it would take up the closely watched case, Moore v. Harper, brought by NC House Speaker Tim Moore.  The case challenges the NC Supreme Court’s decision to throw out the legislature’s congressional maps. A positive ruling would place the authority of redistricting back with the State legislatures without court interference. The Democrats and liberal media are going ballistic over the case. The Supreme Court will likely hear arguments this fall or early next year. 

6. The online sports betting bill failed in the short session. The bill would have allowed for at least 10 and up to 12 online sports wagering operators to be licensed in the state. The bill made it out of multiple House committees and after undergoing some revisions the entire House voted on it in June 2022, but it failed by a single vote. Click here formore information.

7. NC House Republicans in a closed-door meeting voted not to advance the medical marijuana bill in the short session. Click here to read the House bill.

8.  UPDATE: Gov. Roy Cooper has vetoed legislation that would demand North Carolina sheriffs learn the immigration status of  inmates and make an effort to hold them for federal agents. Click here for more information on the legislation.

9. The Democrats on the NC Board of Elections voted to reject the Green Party petition to include candidates on the November ballot citing signature irregularities. Of course, the real reason is to keep the Green Party from siphoning Democrat votes in November. The Green Party has sued alleging Democratic interference in the petitioning process and asking the court to reverse the board’s decision. Guess who’s fingerprints and money is driving this effort – Marc Elias. And, isn’t it ironic that the Democrats on the BOE are complaining about Green Party signatures on petitions while at the same time eliminating signature verification on mail-in ballots. We’ll see what the court does.

July 2022
  1. The North Carolina State Board of Education will draft new science and healthful living standards for public schools. This is a critical opportunity for the public to be involved. There are two ways to have input in the process: a survey and a data review committee. Click here for more information.
  2. UPDATE: The North Carolina Senate passed HB 755, the Parents’ Bill of Rights. The bill has returned to the NC House for a vote. Roy Cooper will certainly veto it. Here’s a great article on the subject: Senate Majority Picks Fight They’ll Win on K-3 Curriculum.
  3. The NC Senate introduced a bill that would expand the State’s medicaid program to over a half-million low income North Carolinians. Republicans have been opponents of medicaid expansion under Obamacare for years. The House passed a version that includes work requirements. The bill is now back with the Senate. What has changed ? We need to have a better understanding of this effort. Please read this article for more information.
  4. Let’s cheer for life ! As we all know, the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade last month and the issue of abortion returned to the State legislatures where it belongs. NC Republican legislative leaders have already asked Democrat Attorney General Josh Stein to reinstate immediately a ban on all abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy which was ruled unconstitutional in 2019 by a federal judge. Republican leaders plan further debate on abortion. However, any attempts to impose more restrictions on abortion will certainly be vetoed by Governor Cooper. The debate continues.
  5. The US Supreme Court gave NC Republicans a victory in the fight for voter id. The court ruled in an 8-1 decision that the Republican legislators can act to defend the voter id law in court. Currently, Josh Stein, NC Attorney General and a Democrat, has opposed the voter id law. Legislators may now step in to defend the state statute in court. Click here for more information.
  6. The NC legislature unveiled the budget that sets aside billions for construction, savings and inflation and lacks additional tax cuts.
  7. The Gastonia city budget includes an increase in utility fees for water, sewer, solid waste and stormwater fees. Click here for more information.
  8. Legislation requiring North Carolina’s sheriffs to assist federal agents who are seeking a jail inmate whom they believe is in the country unlawfully and hold them briefly is close to final General Assembly approval.
  9. The US Supreme Court agreed to hear a NC case on election integrity and the ability for the courts to overrule the legislature in making election rules, including re-drawing districts. We will be following this case carefully.

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